Perfectionists Anonymous

My name is Kate and I am a (recovering) perfectionist. Hi Kate.

I know I'm not alone. Perfectionism afflicts the masses. A wise classmate and fellow perfectionist jokingly reminded me on many poignant occasions, “It's a sickness.”

My recovery began a few years ago with the revelation that “perfection is the enemy of done.” If that's true, then perfection is also the enemy of getting started.

As a recovering perfectionist with an interest in zero waste, the ubiquitous quart-sized mason jar of a year’s worth of garbage has been both inspiring and overwhelming. When it comes to living a zero waste lifestyle, the idea of reducing my yearly garbage to one quart has made me doubt whether my much smaller successes are worth sharing. Afraid I’d be a phony for helping others move toward zero waste without doing it perfectly myself, I’ve waited years to begin this blog. Luckily for readers, that has meant I've had a few years of extra experience incorporating zero waste practices into my daily life that I'm happy to share. The ultimate goal of this blog is to increase others’ awareness of zero waste as well as provide practical ideas and examples on how to move from your current lifestyle toward one of less waste, whether that may involve a quart jar or not.

So if this resonates with you, please explore my blog and join me in moving toward zero waste.